The end of ‘Lucifer’ will be “bittersweet” but the fans will have what they want

Tom Ellis and Lauren German have commented on the pilot episode and have reviewed everything they have experienced so far.

The end of our favorite fallen angel is very near. Next September 10, season 6 of Lucifer, which will definitively put the point and end of his career. The fans, halfway between curiosity to see how it ends and sadness, will say goodbye to the characters and Lauren German already warns: it will be a bittersweet ending.

In an encounter with TVLine, German along with his partner Tom Ellis have talked about what viewers can expect in the latest batch of episodes. Without revealing too much, they have said that the two protagonists are going to be together and on the same side. “Chloe and Lucifer really are a team and they are there for each other as a couple,” says the actress, “they usually have this tug of war, but this latest installment they are on the same team.”.

After seeing the roller coaster that has been the relationship between the two, it is good news to know that in the last episodes they will enjoy being together. In fact, as Ellis says, everything will end up falling into place.

It’s a fitting goodbye to our characters. One that holds all that we have earned thus far

What will happen when the opening credits of the tenth episode of this season and the last of the series appear? Ellis hopes to leave viewers in tears. “I hope their hearts are full of happiness at the same time,” he says. His partner gives some details. Say what “Bittersweet” is a good term to describe the ending and he thinks fans “will get what they want to see”.

Talking about the final season of Lucifer in its sixth installment is quite an achievement. The series was born on Fox, but was to be canceled after its third season. Netflix rescued her and gave her several more years to live. They have not stopped gaining a following along the way and, despite the Fox data, it was very popular around the world. Ellis recalls how, between seasons one and two, they went from “no one knows who we are” to “We love Lucifer!”

Season 6 of Lucifer premieres September 10 on Netflix.