The father gave a befitting reply to the mother of the victim who said that Pearl V Puri was innocent, said ‘the girl is not a liar…’

The father gave a befitting reply to the mother of the victim who said that Pearl V Puri was innocent, said ‘the girl is not a liar…’

Naagin 3 fame Pearl V Puri is serving a jail term for rape and molestation. Pearl V Puri will have to remain in judicial custody for 14 days. In such a situation, some big news is coming out every day about Pearl V Puri. For the past several days, TV stars have been supporting Pearl V Puri.

TV stars believe that Pearl V Puri is innocent. At the same time, the DCP of Mumbai has claimed that the police have strong evidence against Pearl V Puri. After the police action, the victim’s mother issued a statement saying Pearl V Puri was innocent.
Meanwhile, the victim’s father has also given his statement by issuing a statement.

According to a report by entertainment web portal Spot Boy, the victim’s father has spoken openly on the issue and has called Pearl V Puri guilty. The statement of the victim’s father reads, ‘I am Ashish Dubey, the lawyer of the father of the 5 year old victim. I am giving statement on behalf of my client in Pearl V Puri rape case. The victim was in the custody of her mother for 5 months. The victim did not have any conversation with her father during this period.

The statement said, ‘One day the father of the victim had come to the school to deposit the fees. On that day the victim told that she was feeling scared. She wants to go with her father. The scared girl was brought to her home by her father.

After coming home, the girl told the whole incident to her father. The father called the police and got the medical examination done. After which it was confirmed that the victim girl was telling the truth. The girl told that Raghbir has molested her.

The statement further read, ‘Raghbir is the name of the character of Pearl V Puri. At first, the victim’s father could not recognize Raghbir. Later, during the investigation, it was found out. The girl recognized Pearl V Puri as soon as she showed the picture.

Apart from Pearl V Puri, the girl was shown pictures of many other stars. Seeing those stars, the girl did not speak. After recognizing the face of Pearl V Puri, the police spoke to the victim and recorded her statement. After which the girl was also introduced to the magistrate alone.

The statement from the victim’s father reads, ‘This is a bad marriage. Husband is missing. The relationship of these people is ruined. All these rumors are being spread so that the truth cannot come in front of the people.

What is the condition of marriage at this time, this thing has nothing to do with the incident with the girl. The girl has told the truth. Confirmed by medical report. With folded hands, I request you not to spread any kind of rumors about the victim.


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