The filming of the sex scenes and the most special moment with the fans. We interview the protagonists of ‘After. Lost souls’

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin return as the couple created by writer Anna Todd in the third installment of the film saga. We also spoke to Principal Castille Landon. Theatrical release this Friday!

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin have been playing Tessa and Hardin, the protagonists of the film franchise that adapts the series of novels written by Anna Todd. After After: Everything starts here and Despues de. In a thousand pieces, this Friday, September 3, the third installment of the franchise hits theaters After. Lost souls. Castille Landon makes his debut in the direction of this film and the future fourth chapter -already shot- After Ever Happy. For this reason, we could say that Langford and Fiennes Tiffin already said goodbye long ago – the production of both films ended in March – from the roles that have led them to popularity.

After many comings and goings, in After. Lost souls, Tessa and Hardin have to make important decisions for their future, something that will affect their relationship. Of course also there will be new challenges and revelations that you will have to face. Will your relationship float?

Living together for so many years – in 2019 the first installment hit the screens – has made the main actors understand Tessa and Hardin a little better. “I like your perseverance and loyalty. Even if he messes up everything, he always tries again, eventually. It’s not ideal, but … it tries. I really respect and admire his… the effort he puts into it despite his flaws, “Fiennes Tiffin tells SensaCine about what he likes most about his character.”I respect your strength and your patience and his ability to complete you. I think it’s admirable, “acknowledges Langford.


What they like most about their respective characters is not the only thing that they have been steeping as they have been working on the different installments of the franchise. Behind the scenes they have also learned not to get nervous with sex scenes.

As Langford recounts:

At this point, it already feels like just another scene. In terms of what is most important, it is probably to feel comfortable and have time to shoot the scene, not do it running, because I think that is very important when doing those scenes.

Fiennes Tiffin agrees with the words of his partner, and also remembers what it was like to face these kinds of more intimate scenes in the past. “Maybe at first you are more worried, more anxious and you are waiting even knowing it’s next week and you have a whole week before shooting, “he explains.” But, no, I feel like now with the third and fourth movies, which right now, as Jo said, it’s just another scene. “

After. Lost souls It is, for Landon, her most important film as a director to date. The filmmaker and actress is very clear on how to approach sex scenes. Both for the final result on screen, and for the actors to feel comfortable.

According to Landon:

The important thing is to find out why this scene has to happen. It’s not just because, well, we need a scene every 30 minutes or whatever. It is because there is a reason for it to exist. There must be emotional support […] When the day comes, they have already rehearsed what the scene is like. We choreograph it, we have the coordinator of intimate scenes … if there are questions, it is an open dialogue …


Those who have converted After in all a phenomenon they have been, without a doubt, the fans. Todd, the creator of the story, became wildly popular with her writings on Tessa and Hardin through the platform Wattpad. In this way, the film franchise has drawn all those who clung to the story of the protagonists since its inception, and has also managed to gain more followers.

Landon, for example, has acknowledged that he relied on fans to modify some scenes in the films. “I wasn’t very involved in social media before I got into the franchise, and I think something wonderful that has come out of this is that I’ve been able to trust them in a strange way.. I have been quite active with the fans and there have been times when I have tried to ask them questions and use the ideas that they had. Also find out that there are things in books, which I did not realize as a person outside them, that they do not like, “he says.

“See your comments on social networks like: ‘We don’t like this and that’s because it’s toxic …’. It has been very helpful for me because I have returned to the script in which we had written scenes based on… they were exactly the same as in the book. But then I changed them because, you know, you can check things out as you go“.

Langford and Fiennes Tiffin recall two specific moments in which they could feel the great energy that the fans of the saga transmitted.

According to Langford:

There was a book signing in Spain that was crazy for me. The amount of people, the noise and the energy that was there was… I don’t think we’ve had an experience like that since then.

For his co-star, the most special memory with the fans was in Italy. “I remember being once on a balcony in Italy with Anna Todd, the writer, and … it was a book signing and there were a lot of people inside and it was overwhelming. And when we went out to look out of the balcony, and it was almost the whole square filled with people… There was something about being on the balcony that was surreal. Very surreal. I will never forget all the people who came. That got me really excited“.