The Fossat. Muzika Lèze adapts to the situation

Like all associations, Musika Lèze, which teaches music to children aged 3 to 77, is subject to the health protocol and it is not without difficulty that it adapts to different constraints. But she adapts all the same with good grace by listening to students and parents. As of September 30, it will have to “play the little gendarme by controlling the health pass for those over 12 years old”, as explained by its leaders.

The twenty or so participants in private or group lessons learned piano, guitar or percussion during the past year. A formula that does not change for this return with the avowed hope of filling the ranks more, but not too much: “We are obliged to limit the number of individual lessons so that it does not cost us too much”, warns Sylvain Maignan, President of the association. This is in order to keep a reasonable contribution for families, around 270 € per year and a good level. Precisely a good level is provided by Jean Rey on guitar, Cyril Decubber on African percussions and Caroline Hoffman on musical awakening and piano, Elodie Noël intervenes in the primary school of Fossat for singing.

But the association that would like to be larger would dream of an inter-municipal school on the Lèze. It is not for now and while waiting for the president, the treasurer Marie-Françoise Dufieux and the secretary Leentie Schuermans would like to increase the number of its active members, “There is so much to do!” Classes resume on September 27, a trial class is free for those who are tempted but not quite sure. [email protected]