‘The Good Doctor’ prepares for the wedding of the year: how will we meet the protagonists in season 5?

The medical drama returns to celebrate Lea and Shaun Murphy’s bond. Nerves, stress and many toasts is what the new images advance.

Is there anything more stressful than organizing a wedding? Having to be aware of all the preparations and for the groom to go through absolutely everything. That’s what will happen in season 5 of The Good Doctor, which will start with the wedding between Lea (Paige Save) y Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), an issue that will bring several moments of tension for the protagonists. Thanks to TVLine we get a first look at the new episodes of ABC’s medical drama.

Before the big day arrives, Shaun and Lea celebrate with their friends and loved ones their decision to say ‘yes I do’. As the newly posted pictures show, everyone will want to wish them well and toast them on multiple occasions. Starting with Dr. Glassman, who despite the fact that he did not get off to a good start with Lea and the recent separation with his wife, wants to be by Shaun’s side as he always has.

TVLine / ABC

The wedding will be a joyous occasion for the team, which is “in a festive mood after returning from Guatemala,” the synopsis explains. As you will remember, in the fourth installment, the group of doctors travels to South America to help in a rural area, which will change their way of seeing life – in fact, we lose Claire (Antonia Thomas) along the way, who decides stay there-. Back in the United States, the protagonists want to celebrate their love, but they take it in a different way.

While Lea wants everything to go smoothly, Shaun completely passes the organization because all he wants is to always be with his partner. “Lea is in charge of the organization. Shaun doesn’t care. As long as she gets married, she’s happy! [Lea] you want everything to be perfect and that’s going to cause a lot of discussion: What makes something perfect? And what does planning that kind of thing entail? “, creator David Shore tells TVLine.

While the main couple is in a very special moment of their relationship, for the rest of the characters things change. Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) just broke up, so he’s going through a rough patch. “Debbie is gone from his life and he has to deal with it. He’s trying and looking for his place in this world, but not sure if it is ever needed again. It is a world where you have made many mistakes“says Shore.

For Lim (Christina Chang), season 5 is also a new beginning. After the turbulent season 4 of The Good DoctorShe is beginning to overcome her PTSD, although she is not fully cured yet. “It is on the way to return to a better place,” explains the creator. He also has a new figure in his life: Dr. Mateo, whom he met on his adventure in Guatemala.

The character played by Osvaldo Benavides arrives with a lot of weight in his backpack and will have to deal with legal problems. “Because of his past, because of his history, he’s going to have to learn to swallow his pride a bit”, advises Shore. He is an experienced doctor, but his situation in the United States changes everything.

All that said, when will we see the link of the year? Although the promo focuses on this celebration, several episodes will pass until the big moment arrives, which will undoubtedly be one of the central axes of season 5 of The Good Doctor. The medical drama returns to ABC on September 27. In Spain we can follow it thanks to Movistar +.

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