The last season of ‘The Walking Dead’ will be as satisfying as that of ‘Breaking Bad’

Sara heredia

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Actor Khary Payton is convinced that they will be able to close all the plots.

More than a decade later, The Walking Dead is coming to an end. The mythical zombie drama has just premiered its 11th season, which will be its last. There are 24 episodes ahead, divided into three batches that will end this part of the apocalypse and many wonder how they will be able to tie up all the loose ends that remain. For the actor Khary Payton -who plays Ezekiel- there is no doubt: the outcome will be as well resolved as that of Breaking Bad.

I always think of the last season of ‘Breaking Bad’. I watched the penultimate episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ and thought ‘There’s no way [de que puedan terminar esto]. Too many questions. I’m very disappointed’. I couldn’t be more wrong. I remember being in awe of what they were able to do at the time they did it. It has always given me a little bit of confidence [sobre la temporada final de ‘The Walking Dead’]

We will not be the ones to contradict Payton but the end of The Walking Dead is very different from Breaking Bad for a simple reason: Robert Kirkman’s zombie universe has many other series and projects going on. If we quickly review, we find Fear The Walking Dead -who live their own nuclear apocalypse-, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the ‘spin off’ of Daryl and Carol and the films that will recover Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

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That is to say, the end of the series does not mean the goodbye of the characters, but that many of them will reappear with their own solo story. Still, the writers are under a lot of pressure to meet the expectations of fans who have been following the adventures of Daryl, Maggie or Carol on a weekly basis for a decade. This season is focused on the Commonwealth, the Reapers – the last villains introduced – and the relationship between Maggie and Negan, will they be able to close all the plots?

Season 11 of The Walking Dead just started. Remember that you can follow it to the rhythm of the United States thanks to Fox Spain, which broadcasts the episode one day after its original broadcast.