‘The Lord of the Rings’: Have surgery to be an orc, or live like a hobbit and throw a ring at Vesuvius, the biggest real follies of the fans of the saga

The followers of the saga are no longer satisfied with dressing up, or learning the elven language, these two fans have taken their passion to the extreme.

There is a fine red line between the admiration of a fan, and radical fanaticism on the verge of insanity. And there are several sagas in which we have been puzzled how the followers went to very freaking extremes, such as the group of Russian cosplayers who built the Razor Crest, the mandalorian ship, or the Star Wars fan who built a TIE Fighter ship at Christmas. But the saga that perhaps most has led to the most craziness of its fans is The Lord of the rings, which will now be transformed into a series Amazon Prime.

It is common in conventions and fan gatherings to find among passionate cosplayers who have come to learn elifico, and they have even developed online translators, they have shared recipes to make Lembas magic bread, or youtubers who have shown in a video how the unique ring is really indestructible using real lava.

The ‘cosplayer’ who came up and also built the ship of ‘The Mandalorian’

But all of them seem like mere apprentices compared to the two characters whose stories have jumped this week and have gone around the world. The first of them, Nicolas Gentile, an Italian pastry chef, who is so obsessed with The Hobbit that he has bought a piece of land in the wooded region of Abruzzo, in Bucchianico, near the city of Chieti, and is building its own Shire. In fact, he has lived in it for three years as if he were Bilbo Baggins, with his family -his wife and two children-, he has built s by smoking a pipe, cultivating and living like a Tolkien character and, according to what he says on his instagram account, enjoying of the simple things.

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The newspaper The Guardian published the story of this 37-year-old geologist by training, who wanted to make his dream come true and take his passion to the extrememine Nicolas shares his routines on his instagram profile and his latest feat has gone around the world.

On August 27, along with a group of fans of The Lord of the rings create your own fellowship of the ring. He organized a contest on his social networks and selected a supposed elf, a dwarf, a hobbit, a sorcerer and several humans and set course for Vesuvius to take his ring to the crater of the volcano. To do this, they walked almost 200 km from Chieti to Naples, crossing mountains and rivers, all disguised as the community of the ring, and they came to throw the false ring at the volcano.

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The experience he recounted on his social networks was fantastic. “The people we met along the 200 km opened their doors to us, did not invite us to eat, to sleep in their houses. Isn’t that magic?” He concluded.

The man has explained why he chose this path:

“Some time ago, I realized that books and movies were no longer enough to satisfy my passion … for the Lord of the Rings saga. I decided that I wanted to live my hobbit life to the fullest.”

In addition, he assures that the type of life in the region from which he comes is not so different from the one he is leading. “I realized that my friends, my relatives, and the farmers of Bucchianico have always lived like hobbits. They work like hobbits, carrying out jobs that are in close contact with nature. They celebrate parties as hobbits, organize festivals and dances and even dress up as hobbits without knowing it, “he explains fascinated.

His next step is to expand his Region, to which everyone is welcome, and he has organized a crowfunding to continue building sustainable solar houses in a kind of Hobbit urbanization on land that he has bought and in which he has invested all the savings of his life. .


But what happens when what attracts you are not the endearing hobbits, but the terrible orcs? Well, it can happen to you like the Brazilian tattoo artist Fernando Franco de Oliveira (@caveira5555), who has taken to the extreme his passion for body transformation that can also be followed through instagram.

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Among the latest transformations that he has carried out to become an orc he has explained in a report in the Daily Mail who has been transforming his tongue and amputating the tip of his nose:

I have a forked tongue, ears cropped like an orc, vampire teeth, and horn implants on my head. The last [operación] What I did to look totally scary was cut off the tip of my nose. I mutilated it to give the feeling of a skull.

In his profile he also hangs images of his before and after, and he even shares poses with the different doctors who have led him to his transformation: dentists who have carved his teeth and plastic surgeons. He even shares images with his mother, who assures that she is very ill.

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The tattoo artist also explains in the diary that he is addicted to needles and sometimes he simply retouches one of his tattoos for pleasure, he no longer has space to put on new ones. He has only the soles of his feet and the palms of his hands free, and he assures that his work of art of body transformation to become an orc is not finished yet. Who knows how far it will go?

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