The real partners of the actors of ‘Outlander’: from rumors between partners to newly formed families

What is Sam Heughan’s girlfriend? And Caitriona Balfe’s partner? Who is Sophie Skelton with?

Jamie and Claire form one of the fictional couples with the most followers. On Outlander They are pure passion and love, but in real life each of them spends their free time in the arms of another person, no matter how much the fans may not believe. Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, the performers who bring them to life, are great friends as well as wonderful actors. They can make millions of viewers believe that they are made for each other, but be in love with someone else.

With whom do the actors of Outlander? Here we review the real couples of the protagonists of the period drama, from the newly formed family of Caitriona Balfe – who recently welcomed a new member – to the crazy rumors that Heughan and Sophie Skelton are together.

Sam Heughan, the golden bachelor

Fraser fans will be happy to know that, at the moment, no one occupies the heart of Sam Heughan. The actor had a long relationship with fellow actress Mackenzie Mauzy (Into the Woods) and previously with Amy Shiels (Twin Peaks), but love ended up running out. As Heughan reflected in an interview with InquirerIt’s hard to share your life with someone when you spend 10 months filming in Scotland and the rest of the time traveling for other projects.

“Jamie’s love for Claire … It would be amazing to find someone like that for myself. Maybe I’ll find someone. I’m sure I’ll stop at some point,” he said. The actor wants to find his own Claire, but is still very focused on work.

Caitriona Balfe, a newly formed family

Although there were many who paired Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, his thing is purely friendly. In real life, the actress has been in a relationship with Tony McGill, a music producer, for years. Although an official date is not known, the first image of the two of them together is from 2015. They said ‘Yes, I want’, in 2019 and just two years later they have received their first child.

The ‘Outlander’ family welcomes their newest member: Caitriona Balfe’s newborn son

I’ve been off social media because I was taking some time to enjoy cooking this little human. I am in awe of him and I cannot do more than look at him and marvel at all the possibilities of who he will become, where he will go and what he will do in the great adventure of his life, “wrote Balfe when he broke the news on his Instagram account.

Sophie Skelton, paired with Sam Heughan by fans

As far as is known, Sophie Skelton is single, but the actress is so reserved with her private life that it is difficult to say. He is known a couple: Jeff Gum, an American actor he met on the set of the horror movie Day of the Dead: Bloodline. They were in a relationship in 2017, but are no longer together.

During the last months has been romantically related to Sam Heughan, the actor who in Outlander plays his father. But they are just rumors. The affectionate attitude between the two that has led many to think that they were involved is a great friendship. Simply that.

Sam Heughan and Sophie Skelton: What’s true in the dating rumors between the ‘Outlander’ leads this summer?

Richard Rankin, no known partner

The fourth cast member of Outlander At issue is Richard Rankin, who plays Roger MacKenzie. In fiction he is deeply in love with Brianna Fraser, but what happens in real life? Like his peers, very little information about his personal life is known, but it seems that he does not have any relationship.

For a time he was related to Cara Theobold, with whom he shared scenes in the series The Syndicate, but neither of them said anything about it and it seems that, if there was something, it is over.