The trailer for season 5 of ‘The Good Doctor’ arrives loaded with tension and doubts at Shaun and Lea’s wedding

The doctor played by Freddie Highmore will take an important step in their relationship: the ceremony is approaching. The new episodes premiere on ABC on September 27. In Spain it will be in AXN, still undated.

Organizing a wedding is one of the most stressful things that can happen in a lifetime. Especially if you want everything to be perfect. That is the conflict that Lea (Paige Spara) will go through in season 5 of The Good Doctor And, thanks to the newly released trailer, we can imagine a bit how events are going to unfold. Bottom line: Read wrong, Shaun (Freddie Highmore) in his love bubble.

Lea is stressed out with the preparations for the ceremony. The suit, the banquet, the hairstyle, don’t let it rain … It has to be a perfect day and everything is under your control. On the opposite side is Shaun, who all he wants is to marry Lea and enjoy their relationship. As seen in the preview, in the face of insomnia and the attacks of his partner, Shaun simply asks, “Is the wedding still going?” If yes, there is no problem.

Little by little we see why Lea is taking it so seriously. “The first time I got married it was a disaster. I really need this to go well.”confesses the bride. It is impossible for her to enjoy the ceremony with that idea in mind, so they give her some advice: “If you are not willing to risk that the little things go wrong, you will not have the opportunity that the most important things go well. “.

The boyfriend’s support is essential and Shaun looks like he’s going to live up to it after a period of utter indifference. “When things go wrong, it should be both of you.”he tells his partner. Although he has no interest in the event, he does not want Lea to suffer. Still, the trailer for the fifth installment anticipates tension before giving the ‘yes, I do’. According to the images, the surgeon has a little seizure at the most inopportune moment and apologizes to his partner.

We don’t know what will trigger this reaction – maybe it’s a problem with a patient? A diagnosis that just occurred to him? – but, as Glassman (Richard Schiff) puts it, Shaun has never been so happy. “Never in your life have I seen you so happy as you are now and that is precious,” offers the tutor and director of the hospital.

Season 5 of ‘The Good Doctor’ already has a date in Spain: Will there be a wedding between Shaun and Lea?

Season 5 of The Good Doctor premieres on ABC on September 27. In Spain it will do so on AXN on October 5.