The Voice All Stars: this detail in Florent Pagny that intrigued Internet users

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The new season of “The Voice” began Saturday night on TF1. Former candidates retake the auditions. An attitude of Florent Pagny, one of the members of the jury, did not go unnoticed.

“The Voice”, 10 years already! For this anniversary season, TF1 launched an “all stars” version on Saturday evening. The concept: former candidates replay the auditions blind. Special mention for Jenifer who recognized many of her former talents by ear. Moreover, for the first time in the world, the jury has five coaches this season: Florent Pagny, Mika, Zazie, Jenifer and Patrick Fori who is joining the adult version for the first time.

For the opening song of the show, the coaches sang together – and with Nikos Aliagas the host – “Place des grands hommes”, Patrick Bruel’s song. A special title for the ten years of the show.

Florent Pagny did not respect the initial words to the letter. Instead of saying “In the window, I see the reflection of a schoolgirl behind months, she goes to the left I will follow her, if it’s on the right, wait for me”, he replaced the word “schoolgirl” by “young wife”.

A choice commented on by many Internet users during the show.

Why were the lyrics changed? The “schoolgirl behind me” has become the “young woman behind me” #TheVoiceallstars

– Olivier Albert (@olivier_albert) September 11, 2021

Was there really any point in replacing “high school student” with “young woman”? A real risk that we treat Florent Pagny as a pervert, otherwise? #TheVoice

– Babylemonadefrommars (@stillbrokenharp) September 11, 2021

Did Florent Pagny voluntarily replace the word “high school student” to be politically correct? Is this an involuntary change on his part? An oversight? The singer has not officially reacted.

Patrick Bruel, who was in front of his TV, described as “nice surprise” the choice of his song to open the new version of “The Voice”.

For this premiere of “The Voice All Stars”, two former candidates made their former coaches cry: Anne Sila, ex-candidate of Florent Pagny and finalist of season 4, who sang “Je reviens te vous” by Gilbert Bécaud and Al.Hy, Jenifer’s ex-candidate, who performed Daniel Balavoine’s “LA vie ne me rien”. Their moving performances greatly moved them. Florent Pagny tearfully, anything can happen in “The Voice”!