‘The Walking Dead’ had very different plans for Leah in her original idea

Daryl’s first romantic interest has returned to zombie fiction in the episode ‘Rendition’ (11 × 04).

EYE! Below are key details of ‘Rendition’ (11 × 04).

The first part of the final season of The Walking Dead has reached its halfway point and it has done so by bringing back a character with whom viewers have not had time to tune in too much, but who always wanted to know more. We refer to Leah (Lynn Collins), the lone survivor with whom Daryl starred in his first fling in the series’ 10-year run in one of six additional episodes that were incorporated by surprise into season 10.

That Leah would return to The Walking Dead We knew it since we first met her. The team led by the ‘showrunner’ Angela Kang already warned in its day when we met her that the dynamics between Daryl (Norman Reedus) and the newcomer had not ended and the launch of the official trailer for the new installment left no room for doubt. The meeting would take place in the fourth episode of season 11, ‘Rendition’ (11 × 04), which was broadcast last night on AMC -and at dawn simultaneously by Fox Spain- and can be seen in dual tonight in our country.

The long-awaited reunion between those who were lovers occurred at the beginning of the episode, when, the morning after having faced with great tension a group of Reapers, Daryl ran into a new masked man to which the Dog himself led him. It was Leah. After the initial shock of both, members of Leah’s group surrounded him and took him to their camp, where they torture him to get information about Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and the rest of the group. After a good collection of tense moments and some confessions, Daryl revealed information and was put to the test by the leader of the group, Pope (Ritchie Coster), to become one of their own. The survivor, of course, passes the test, so goes on to become one more Reaper.

Few followers of The Walking Dead they will be really worried about Daryl’s change of sides, which, far from betraying his own, will probably turn the situation around as soon as possible. In the meantime, however, we can continue to explore her relationship with Leah and find out if the survivor is ultimately the one who switches sides or not. In any case, at least The couple has had the opportunity to talk and clarify what happened at the time of their separation, since she considers that Daryl abandoned her and he, for his part, insists that he returned to look for her.

The thing looks interesting, but the ‘showrunner’ of The Walking Dead Angela Kang has revealed in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly that plans for Leah were initially different.

“We started to shuffle the idea during the season 9 timeskip, where Daryl adopted the dog. And in the writers room we always had in mind that it would come from some kind of woman who was out there and with whom he would have a relationship. complicated relationship, but we never got anything out of that story, “Kang confesses when asked if they always knew Leah would be a member of the Reapers. “Then we wanted to do the Reapers story. And we also started with the idea that whoever this person is is part of the group.”

The origin story of the cabin and the episode in which it is found, which is this, was a single story. There were ‘flashbacks’ and the current story and everything was intermingled. But then, while we were in the middle of season 11, we had to backtrack and expand [la temporada 10], so we parted the love story piece

“There are fans who have mixed feelings about it, and others who thought the story was really interesting and loved it. But we always knew that she was a Reaper. And I was like, ‘Well, if people don’t like it, that’s fine, because she’s actually a villain and there’s a toxic element to that relationship. “

Despite the changes, Kang is proud of the structure in which they have decided to approach the relationship and also assures that Leah is lying when she says that Daryl doesn’t care anymore: “He means something to her. I think it is painful. Part of her is very curious about him, but she doesn’t trust him at all. “

The story between Leah and Daryl is not over yet, so we can continue to explore it in the remaining four episodes of the first part of the eleventh season of the series. However, we may have to wait, since the rest of the plots that have been pending this week should continue to advance in future episodes. The next one of them, ‘Out of the Ashes’ (11 × 05) premieres next Sunday, September 19 on AMC and simultaneously on FOX Spain, which will premiere the dual version the next day.