‘The Walking Dead’ S11: Chapter 2 (Acheron 2) Introduces Its New Villains

Tonight at 10pm the second episode – ‘Archeron: Part 2’ (11×02) – of the new installment in dubbed version will be broadcast on Fox Spain channel, which could already be seen in the US yesterday.

The Acheron in Greek mythology is the river of the underworld, underground, and is full of the dead. And that’s the title of the first two chapters of lto season 11 of The Walking Dead. The last season of the veteran series debuted last week in the US and Spain yesterday issued the second part of this start (Acheron 2). And in it, as in the first, the river of the underworld is more like a subway tunnel with almost no easy escape as we saw in the first episode. Packed with action, the new chapter offers a new cliffhanger in which he introduces us to the villains of this final season and also comes with a little light for Eugene’s group.

Read on if you haven’t seen The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 2 yet! The following lines may contain ‘spoilers’.

The new chapter of The Walking Dead offers a double facet, since in it the future of Negan will be decidedAfter what we saw at the end of the first episode, when the rest of the group find out what he has done, and we will also see the bitter and toughest side of Maggie.

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Inside the train the tension will increase, as the episode ‘Archeron: Part 2’ (11×02) progresses. And when the leader reappears and tells what happened with Negan, the one who was the villain par excellence when he led the saviors, he sees his neck endanger. However, Maggie is well aware that her enemy can be very useful to the group that needs him to survive in this mission in which they were on their way to recover Meridian and they make the decision to resort to one of the warehouses that Georgie had, with whom Maggie has spent part of her estrangement.

Also, we will see the hardest part of Maggie, when she must decide whether to risk the group and the mission to save Alden, which, unlike what we were led to think in chapter one, has managed to survive in the tunnels and tries to join the train party. This treats will leave us with some of the harshest images of the episode and will show us a relentless Maggie.

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But despite this, the walkers manage to enter the wagon that turns into a mousetrap, Maggie ends up trusting Negan despite what happened and hands him a gun. And they get to spend really desperate and anguished moments in the wagon, in which the exit seems completely impossible, without ammunition, without arrows, outnumbered and with difficult escape, the chapter will offer one of the moments of greatest tension in that train, where Daryl will be decisive once again.

However, the only one who knows the city is Negan, so everyone is left in his hands and must decide whether or not to trust him to get out of the tunnel and head to the warehouse where they can find the key to salvation for Alexandria. And they must head to the warehouse where Georgie kept food and weapons, with Negan as Cicero around town.

Meanwhile, in the access barracks to the Commonwealth Yumiko and the rest of the team trying to enter the community continue to face interrogations. Desperate to find her brother, Yumiko shows off all her resources as a successful lawyer who helped her succeed in a world that no longer exists, and it seems to be working. After new interrogations, we will see some light in this team that manages to pass the first phase, and Eugene finally meets his love in the distance, which was the trigger for this trip.

However, when Maggie’s mission finally makes it out of her private tunnel, they must face a new challenge. The new villains, The Reapers, make their stellar appearance at the end of this episode 2, and it does not seem that they are for jokes.

For those who have not simultaneously enjoyed the premiere of the second episode of season 11, they can do so today, Monday, August 30, at 10 p.m. on Fox Spain.