‘The Walking Dead’: The reason Negan saves Maggie’s life after letting her die

It happened in 11×03. The final season broadcasts its first part of eight episodes every Sunday on AMC and simultaneously on Fox Spain (VOSE), which also premieres the dual version of each episode the following day on ‘prime time’.

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Lauren Cohan has long claimed that Maggie’s arc would not be defined by her relationship with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in season 11 of The Walking Dead, but the truth is that the last installment of zombie fiction has already released three episodes and the dynamic between the two characters has been a full-fledged ‘stealer’. It is not for less, since the relationship between both survivors is uOne of the most complex the zombie fiction team has ever faced in its already long trajectory.

So, if in the first double episode of the last season -‘Acheron. Parts 1 and 2 ‘(11×01 / 11×02) – Negan was not helping Maggie escape a life or death situation and decided that he had to move on without her so as not to risk more lives, in the episode aired last night across the pond, ‘Hunted’ (11×03), the opposite situation occurred. And not once, but twice.

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The first time that Negan saved Maggie’s life in the third episode of the last season took place before the attack of several members of The Reapers (Reapers) during the provisioning mission that began in the first episode and that so many problems have caused them. dice. Attacked by one of them after being separated from the group along with Negan and Alden, the former leader of Los Salvadores annihilated his attacker seconds before he managed to end Maggie’s life. Later, Negan returned to save the life of the young woman by pushing her to safety after a grenade explosion.

Why has Negan changed his position so radically between one episode and the next? About it the ‘showrunner’ of The Walking Dead Angela Kang in statements after the broadcast of the episode in The Walking Dead: Episode Insider.

When Negan saves Maggie, I think he has accepted that to get out of this, Maggie is a great fighter too. He doesn’t want to see her die.

“He’s very attracted to people who are strong and stubborn and who have leadership qualities. We’ve seen that for years.”remembers Kang. “In a way we could say it’s like his Achilles heel, he was always thinking: ‘I can put this person on my side, I like you because you are tough and you say things the way they are, or I like you to put me on the ropes. “. As Kang added, Negan always tries to make these people part of his team and has firmly believed that “if they work together, it will work.”

I think when he saves her, he probably does it on instinct, but he’s also smart enough to think, ‘We’re in this together and we’re stuck together, so let’s see if she can do me a favor too.’ Because he chooses her over Alden

For his part, Jeffrey Dean Morgan had already spoken about the relationship of mutual need that these two characters were beginning to have after the broadcast of the double first episode. “She hates him, but she needs him,” said the actor. in response to the fact that Maggie had loaned Negan a gun even after she had left it behind.

As charismatic as he is, you don’t have to go too far to remember that Negan was the leader of The Saviors and that, sadist like no other, it was for as long as possible the biggest nightmare not only of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Alexandria, but from a host of other survivor communities and even his own. He also mercilessly murdered Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and subjected the protagonists, Daryl (Norman Reedus) to great humiliations. How in her right mind could Maggie accept without protesting the villain’s redemption no matter how much he had redeemed himself in a fight that even she hadn’t been a part of?

The final season of The Walking Dead broadcasts its first part of eight episodes every Sunday on AMC and simultaneously on Fox Spain (VOSE), which also broadcasts the dual version of it in ‘prime time’ the next day.

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