‘The Wheel of Time’ in its purest form: What is faithful and what is not to the books and other revelations that the trailer has left

The first trailer for the ambitious Amazon Prime Video series has also confirmed the definitive premiere date: November 19.

It is the most anticipated and ambitious project of Amazon Prime Video of 2021 and already has a trailer and final release date: The Wheel of Time, adaptation of the long-lived fantasy literary saga of Robert Jordan will debut on the streaming platform on November 19 and the broadcast of its first season will be weekly . On these lines you will find the first preview of the ambitious production, a launch that supposes the first course of a dream come true for many. It lasts just over two minutes and is a true display of epicity and magic. In addition, its visual invoice is absolutely impeccable.

But that is not all. This first advance translates into a first impression of the story for non-followers of the famous fantasy literary saga, but it is also the best chance that fans of The Wheel of Time have had to date to see if it meets their expectations and how much and how faithful the adaptation will be from the original story.

Adored by lovers of fantastic literature and considered one of the best sagas of the genre, the adaptation of the story generates, as it usually happens in these cases, a certain vertigo among many of its readers, but also a great expectation and illusion before the idea of ​​a job well done. At the moment we know that Amazon is firmly committed to the project and has already commissioned a second season of the series whose production began last July, but the story of Robert Jordan is much longer. In fact, The Wheel of Time constitutes on paper a collection of 20 volumes -14 in its original version- published between 1990 and 2013.

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The first trailer of The Wheel of Time is starring practically all of its hard core characters. Starting with the powerful and majestic Moirane for whom Rosamund Pike seems simply perfect, but also Rand, Perrin, Mat, Nynaeve, Egwene and other characters that accompany the protagonist on her first mission. The trailer is also the ultimate proof that the first season will pay a great deal of attention to introducing viewers to the political complexities and depth of the world they are about to step into and leaves no doubt as to the importance of the Aes Sedai, either. the powerful organization of sorceresses to which Moirane belongs and which seeks to maintain order in a world where only women are allowed to use magic.

Nevertheless, Many more hints and revelations of the adaptation can be extracted from the trailer, some of them listed by ScreenRant, which we will summarize below.

1. Greater importance of Nynaeve and Egwene

The trailer for The Wheel of Time It begins with a brief look at two of the female characters that make up the series’ cast: Nynaeve and Egwene, played by Zöe Robins and Madeleine Madden, respectively. Nynaeve is Emond’s Field Dowser, a healer and leader of the women’s circle of the small town where the story begins, while Edwene is the daughter of the town’s mayor with unusual potential and future within the Aes Sedai. Both begin as secondary characters in the books and gain prominence as the plots progress, while in the Amazon Prime Video series they promise to be important from the beginning, as it seems to reveal that they are the first characters we see in the trailer.

2. A trip to the place where the adventure begins: Dos Ríos

The world that Robert Jordan devised and built throughout his long-lived saga is huge and has a lot to offer viewers, but before it begins to expand, it begins in a very concrete and very iconic place: Emond’s Field in Two. Rivers. Followers of the books will be delighted to see the place come to life and to see in the flesh this community founded by the descendants of the survivors of the ancient wars against the Trollocs.

This is where the adventure also begins and, although its protagonists had never left the place, a mysterious attack by the famous creatures forces them to flee, leading to the introduction of other iconic places that we also see in the trailer.

3. The protagonists Rand, Mat and Perrin, older for a reason

Three young actors play the trio of male leads recruited by Moiraine. And we see all of them in the trailer: Josha Stradowski as Rand al’Thor, Marcus Rutherford as Perrin Aybara and Barney Harris as Mat Cauthon.

Readers will not have been slow to realize that the characters are older than in the books, which, it seems, responds to a move by Amazon not to be framed within the ‘Young Adult’ feature that is so fashionable. lately. All of them soon Ta’veren -people you point to by The Wheel of Time to correct mistakes- and very very important for the development of the story.

Likewise, the fact that the characters are older in the series makes it easier for the adaptation to better develop the relationships and dynamics between them. The trailer also sheds light on some of the most important turning points in the plots of all of them, such as the appearance of Mat’s dagger and the encounter with the wolf that marks Perrin’s journey.

4. A Tar Valor really true to what you imagined

It is especially exciting in the trailer to see Tar Valon, one of the most important locations in The Wheel of Time. In the novels it is described as “a city situated on a small island in the middle course of the Erinin River” and it is also the center of power of the Aes Sedai. In its center of rise the White Tower, political and social nucleus and from which the sorceresses exercise their power.

5. Inside the Aes Sedai organization

Not only do we see in the trailer the home of the Aes Sedai, but in the two minutes of the trailer we get several glimpses inside the organization and its modus operandi. In fact, we see the sorceresses in full Council inside the White Tower and we get a first look at their organization by color. And it is that, the Aes Sedai are formed by seven ajahs, each one represented by a different color and different purposes and leaders.

There is also a leader for all of them and the most powerful woman in the world, the Amyrlin See, whom we see on her throne.

6. The threat of the Dark One and his followers

Of course, in The Wheel of Time there are several threats and a villain par excellence: the Dark One, who is accompanied by powerful henchmen in his service and who, according to the prophecy, threatens the total destruction of humanity.

The threat is present in the trailer in its different forms, both by the Forgers and the Shadowspawn, so those who know well what they are capable of will have rubbed their hands when they see them appear or intuit their presence in the trailer.

7. Mighty Ian Mandragoran and Moirane

And last but not least: Moiraine, Moiraine and Moiraine. Powerful and a key figure in the series, every time she appears on the screen, epicity takes over the scene. And, as the trailer progresses, more and more. The scenes in question may belong to scattered moments from the first season of The Wheel of Time, but seeing the sorceress and her Guardian working together and using their magic leaves no doubt that they are the perfect combination and that they promise to give us great scenes of action and power.

Amazon Prime Video has also confirmed how the first season of The Wheel of Time. On the one hand, On Friday, November 19, we will see it debut with the premiere of three episodes, while the rest will be broadcast one by one on a weekly basis until December 24.

One of the curiosities of the long-lived literary saga written by Robert Jordan is that the writer died as a result of a serious illness when the story had not yet finished. Fortunately, the author had left numerous annotations and enough information that allowed another famous fantasy author, Brandon Sanderson, to finish his work. Sanderson has also served as a creative consultant for the Amazon series.