There’s hope for Archie and Betty in ‘Riverdale’: the pair get closer again in the final stretch of season 5

This has been promised by the ‘showrunner’ and creator of the series, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa in the absence of four episodes for the outcome and with the sixth season just around the corner.

Good news for fans of Riverdale who always bet on the relationship of Archie (KJ What) y Betty (Lili Reinhart). It is not the first time that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, creator and ‘showrunner’ of the series, anticipates that things have not completely ended between them, but His latest promise is that the characters will meet more than a few glances before the current season 5 of the series ends. The fiction, which a few weeks ago premiered the expected second part of its fifth installment, has already confirmed that there will not be long to wait for the premiere of the sixth, which will arrive in November. However, four episodes still separate us from the outcome – including the one that premieres this week – and it seems that we can enjoy them with enthusiasm.

As you well know if you are a faithful follower of Riverdale, Betty and Archie have been friends and neighbors since their earliest childhoods and, although she was quite taken by her bones, they both eventually ended up finding their love interests in other people. Archie with Veronica (Camila Mendes) and Betty with Judhead (Cole Sprouse). However, ehe seven-year time jump experienced by the series in the first episodes of the current installment was all the team needed to give Archie and Betty’s shippers what they had always wanted.. With Veronica married to a dark and wealthy man and Judhead out of the equation, the reunion of childhood friends led to a little romance between them that, unfortunately it didn’t go too far.

‘Riverdale’: Archie and Betty’s love story is not over and we have a lot to see in season 5

However, the ‘showrunner’ already promised in his day that the story between the two characters was not over and we are about to see them again among those sparks that his followers have always seen among them.

Archie and Betty do more than just stare at each other as we enter these few remaining episodes of season 5. In our heads, the story of Archie and Betty didn’t end in episode 8, when they decided they were going to just be friends. . That story is not finished and we pick it up before the season ends

Aguirre-Sacasa’s statements to TVLine they also anticipate that the sixth season that arrives in November will continue to explore many of the stories that the fifth has begun and that, in fact, “the events that close the fifth installment continue in season 6.” In addition, the creator promises a romantic reboot, with couples that were seen coming and others more unexpected:

[En la temporada 6] There are going to be new couples that you’ve probably seen coming for miles, and also some new couples that are a bit more unexpected.

‘Riverdale’: Love triangles, witchcraft and revenge. All the plots that season 5 must close

Does this mean that Betty and Archie have ballots to continue? We will find out in the final stretch of the fifth installment, which only has four episodes left. The first of them, ‘Band of Brothers’ (5×16), premieres tonight on CW and the next day in Spain by Movistar +. Season 5 says goodbye on October 6 and the sixth will arrive just a month later, on November 16.