This is how the protagonists of ‘Paco’s men’ have changed in this decade

Alicia P. Ferreiros

Alicia P. Ferreiros

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The unforgettable comedy returns tonight in the open with a new season more than 10 years later: a case of radioactive weapons, the return of the main cast and some new faces.

Paco Miranda

1. Paco Miranda

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Paco’s men returns tonight to the ‘first time’ of Antena 3 with its tenth season, 10 years after its end. The long-awaited new installment of the iconic series was released last April also in open air, but only the first chapter. The rest would be seen weekly through Atresmedia PREMIUM, Atresmedia’s streaming platform.

Now there is finally a date for its open air broadcast and it will be from tonight on the main channel of the multimedia conglomerate at 10:45 p.m. The best opportunity to see again those characters that a few years ago gave us real moments. And how they have changed!

If you were one of the more than 3 million viewers who tune in every week Antenna 3 to see a new episode of Paco’s menSurely on some occasion you had thought how fun it would be to see Paco Tous and company in action again. You can stop dreaming because Paco (Paco All), Mariano (Pepon Nieto), Povedilla (Carlos Santos) and company are back, ready to return to give us memorable moments. Of course, with the same humor that gave us such good times during the nine seasons with which the fiction created by Daniel Écija and Álex Pina featured.

The ninth and final season of Paco’s Men said goodbye forever in May 2010. But after seeing the first trailer of the new installment, we already realized that its protagonists continue to maintain the same essence with which they conquered us the first time, almost 16 years ago. The sense of humor is still a key element in their day to day, and thanks to this they will be able to deal with all kinds of cases, no matter how crazy they may seem.

There is no doubt that time has passed for them, as for all mortals, and that each one took their own path after more than five years playing the same characters; but there are things that do not change. Paco He is still just as stubborn; Mariano He always ends up in trouble because, even though he continues to “see lagunillas al plan”, following Paco’s orders takes him to the letter; Povedilla He has not lost that innocence, and as a result of this we are convinced that he will make us laugh again; Sara (Michelle Jenner) has not lost her sweetness, despite having become a police inspector, and Lucas (Hugo Silva), is still like that “model” agent who conquered hearts more than a decade ago. They also return in this new stage Aitor (Mario Casas), Lola (Adriana ozores) and Don Lorenzo (Juan Diego).