This Saturday in Toulouse, we will all be behind the fanfares!

The Fanfarnaüm collective, an association of Toulouse street brass bands, pilot “Brass dans la Garonne”, a fanfares festival this Saturday, September 11 at the Jardin des Plantes and in the streets of Toulouse. Brass bands from here and elsewhere (Paris, Lille) have been called to punctuate a sunny weekend to which the Grande Braderie de Toulouse promises to bring its share of visitors and families. The Collective has planned some great celebrations for these last ones, including a treasure hunt by Captain Barbecuivre and a dive “into the heart of swaggering piracy”! The Pink City has a good fifteen brass bands and one of them is La Mécanique des Cuivres, a fine team of twenty amateur musicians in their thirties who are delighted to be part of the party. “Our fanfare has only existed for three years … with two years of confinement, laughs Antonin. We still managed to rehearse outdoors and we can’t wait to participate in this event.” In direct contact with the street, the fanfare is in essence close to the public and the atmosphere of the city, of which it takes the pulse and that it brings in the round. “We play songs like” Mourir sur scène “by Dalida or” La Grenade “by Clara Luciani, comments Antonin. Hits that everyone knows and we like to interact with the public. It’s essentially instrumental of course. , but we like chanting things like “Do you want to sleep with me tonight?” on the famous track “Lady Marmalade” or launch a Breton song! What we like is this esprit de corps: we are above all a bunch of friends, a little chaotic but happy to share all kinds of emotions with the audience. “

Joyful and unbridled, the Mécanique des Cuivres, “steam fanfare” self-proclaimed “industrious formation producing precision pop”, will perform mainly, like the other fanfares invited to this fourth edition of Brass dans la Garonne, at the Jardin des Plantes and in the streets of the City to make hearts beat. The 2019 edition attracted more than 2,000 people: a sign of good health. As Cioran wrote, “a nation dies when it no longer reacts to fanfares; decadence is the death of the trumpet”!

“Brass dans la Garonne”, Saturday September 11 at the Jardin des Plantes and in the squares and streets of Toulouse from midnight, until the big concert (free) of the brass bands from 8 pm to midnight. The Brass Mechanics will play at 7 p.m.