Three years after the release of ‘102 Not Out’, director Umesh Shukla recalls shooting with Amitabh- Rishi

Three years after the release of ‘102 Not Out’, director Umesh Shukla recalls shooting with Amitabh- Rishi

Amitabh Bachchan and the late Rishi Kapoor appeared on screen together after nearly 27 years in the film ‘102 Not Out’. In this, both were in the role of father and son. The film’s release has recently completed for three years. Director Umesh Shukla shares interesting memories related to this film…

The film was based on a play written and directed by Soumya Joshi. I was associated with this drama as a producer. We did about 450 successful shows. It was then that it was decided that later he would make a film on this subject. When I thought of making a film, the first thought came to Amitabh Bachchan.

Listening to the script of the film in 10 minutes, he said that there is a good story, I would like to do this film. I spoke to Chintu ji (Rishi Kapoor) for his son’s role, he also said yes after listening to the script in 10-15 minutes. He was happy that the film also stars Bachchan.

The third character in the film was of a boy working in a medical store, who used to help the characters of Amitabh and Chintu Ji in domestic work. Jimit Trivedi looked perfect in that character. It was not easy to convert the play into a film.

We assume many things in drama, but this cannot be done in films. Like there was a scene in which the character of Bachchan sahibs the character of Chintu Ji all over Mumbai. He could not show us in the drama, he only had conversations about it. In the film, we showed him visually. In that scene, we showed many places in Mumbai.

It brought back memories of people from Mumbai. However, it was difficult to shoot on the streets of Mumbai with two big actors In a scene in a horse carriage at Nariman Point in Mumbai, both of them were sitting in a buggy, it was difficult to shoot. The people who saw the shooting there had taken some pictures, which went viral before the film’s release, but nothing could be done. We completed that scene by raising the crew and security.

There was a lot of attention to the looks of both the main characters. Bachchan Sahab was playing the role of a 102-year-old in the film. We tried two or three looks before. We deliberately kept his hair a little longer, because his character was vivacious, with no pressure of old age.

That character does not let his age dominate him. At the exit, he leaves wearing a coat, while Rishi Ji’s character was kept so that he has started considering himself as an old man. His character was a typical Gujarati character, so we wore him in pajamas and a shirt.

placed a condition that both slippers would not be worn in the home sequence. Chappals are not worn in the homes of Gujaratis. Both are such great artists, but they followed me. Because of not wearing slippers, which was a living feeling in the house, she was coming. Due to their stay in the house set we had, it really seemed that they are members of the same house. We also did a film workshop in the same house. She sat there and read the script.

When the house had to be demolished after completing the shooting, I had tears in my eyes. Spent a month in that house. Both are senior actors but never had to wait for them on the set.

Both of them reached the scene by preparing the scene on set. There were many comic scenes in the film that did not have dialogues, but they made them fun with their acting. Rishi Kapoor is not in the world today, but memories of working with him and this film will always be special for me.


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