Toulouse: an immersive sound creation to rediscover the farming world and the profession of distiller

Benoît Bories defines himself as a sound craftsman. The 42-year-old Toulousain likes the multiple nuances of sound, and being able to tackle subjects over the long term. With his new sound creation, he followed Marc, a wine maker since childhood, in Quercy, between October 2020 and April 2021. “What interested me was to see the evolution through this character. from a peasant environment, each stop at Marc was an opportunity to catch up on news and collect new stories. He has a very developed social fiber, what he prefers in his job is the relational side. “

Benoît saw in this sound creation “the opportunity to compose a sensitive sound portrait of a peasant world made of the musicality of small gestures and anecdotes of a wine distiller with a singular course”. His sound work combines both a documentary approach and an acousmatic and landscape composition. Once the recordings were made, it took four months to edit. Let the uninitiated beware: sound creation is by no means a podcast. “The podcast has a very calibrated format, the compositions are made to the chain. My time of creation is more like that of the live performance. ”

On the air and in concert

On September 18, “Bouilleur de crû” will be released on the airwaves and the website of the program Le labo of Radio Télévision Suisse Culture. That same day, the first performance of its multichannel concert version will also take place at the La Cuisine art center, in Nègrepelisse, in Tarn-et-Garonne. “The room has eight speakers and I’m going to put six more so that the sound lives in the place. “
It is necessary to reserve your place, however, access is free. Other concerts will be scheduled in the Toulouse region and elsewhere in the coming months.