Toulouse: Lisaa Camin: at 16, she is already preparing a first album

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At 16, Lisaa Camin, a young singer from Toulouse, discovered the stage during the Music Festival in Granada. On September 2, the first day of school, she will be at the Florida café for a concert for young people before releasing her first album in January 2022.

Her idol is called Clara Luciani and strangely she looks like her. Same serious air, same disciplined long hair, same romantic face… Lisaa Camin, 16, took the stage for the first time this summer under a marquee, for the Music Festival in Granada, when Fabian Ordonez, BigFlo’s dad & Oli asked him to accompany him. Singer, pianist and guitarist, she will be on September 2 at Florida, Place du Capitole to give a concert as part of the back-to-school period. “A way to start the new school year well,” assures this high school student who hopes that the young people will be there to listen to her. Falling into music, as a child, Lisaa never let go of her passion: “During the holidays, I went to my grandparents and my grandfather introduced me to the piano”. Other instruments came to complete his training, including the guitar which today accompanies his songs. Lissa, who from 13 to 14 was part of the master’s choir at the Capitol Theater, performs her songs in English, “I take songs from Billie Eilish or Freddy Mercury from Queen who is not of my generation but whose I love the mix of classic and rock ”. On the French side, Lisaa discovered during Eurovision, Barbara Pravi and her song, here is: “I felt a real crush on this title and its performer”.

“I like to surround myself with my family clan and my friends. Singing and music are enough to fill me up ”.

Strangely, this teenager has never felt the slightest stage fright: “I work a lot on my songs, I know them inside out,” notes Lisaa who has done her classes singing in different villages around her home. The one who later wants to become a school teacher is decidedly very reasonable for her age: “I like to surround myself with my family clan and my friends. Singing and music are enough to fill me up ”. In the meantime, she plans a first album in January 2022, in collaboration with producer Brice Conrad, known by social networks and who, in 2012, had its heyday with two titles Flower of evil and Oh la. “With music, you are never sure of anything”.