‘Unfaithful’: An adaptation of the BBC with well-known faces, the keys to the Turkish series that wants to destroy Antena 3

It was one of the most watched in Turkey in the 2020/2021 season and he is going to try his luck in our country. At the moment, it will air with the end of ‘My daughter’.

A new year begins in Turkish fiction. In Spain, we have said goodbye to Woman (Kadin) and soon we will Love is in the air and My daughter. Although it is always sad to have to let go of our favorite characters, that means that there are other stories that we can get hooked on. Turkey’s soap opera grid has to be revamped and the next one that is going to try its luck is Unfaithful, which premieres this Sunday, September 5, on Antena 3 at 10pm.

What is ‘Infidel’ about?

“Don’t you trust your husband?” Infidelity will be the central axis of the new fiction that reaches the nights of the chain and that will try to win over viewers in the same way it did Woman O My daughter. It tells the story of Asya, a doctor who suspects that her husband is in a relationship with another woman and is not mistaken. Volkan cheats on him with a young woman in her twenties named Derin and she’s the last to know. All his friends and close people knew it but had hidden it from him. Deeply hurt, Asya refuses to be a victim and decides to take revenge.

The discovery is even worse because Volkan’s family is also the only one Asya has. Her parents died when she was very young, and although she received a great inheritance, she did not belong to any group until she found her husband and introduced him to her world. She lives in her hometown, sees her friends … Infidelity means that she will have to be left alone again, except for her son Ali.

How many episodes and seasons are they

Unfaithful -as it is known in Turkey- premiered in its home country on October 7, 2020 and ended its first season on June 2, 2021. It was one of the most followed series of the season and is expected to return in September 2021. Therefore, at the moment it has a single season consisting of 31 episodes, pending confirmation of his return.

Two protagonists that will sound familiar to you

The protagonists of Unfaithful They are two well-known faces on Turkish television. Asya is played by Cansu Dere, which we have already seen in They, Ezel and Mother. Now we see her again in a more courageous and empowered role than the previous ones. In addition to being an actress, Dere is famous for her role as a model and was about to represent Turkey in Miss Universe, but could not because the country decided not to compete the year of her candidacy.

Next to him is Caner Cindoruk, who gives life to Sarp in Woman. Fans of Turkish soap operas will also have been able to see him in Leaf Fall and The Magnificent Century Kösem, known in some countries as Kösem, the sultana.

Adaptation of ‘Doctor Foster’, by the BBC

Unfaithful is an adaptation of the British Doctora Foster, produced by the BBC. It premiered in the UK on September 9, 2015 and consists of two seasons. Although there was talk of making a third, it was never developed. In its place there is a ‘spin-off’ entitled Life based on the character of Anna Baker. The Turkish soap opera maintains the premise of the original series: a doctor who suspects that her husband is having an affair and who begins to pull the strings after discovering blonde hair.

‘Infiel’: The new Turkish series of Antena 3 arrives in Spain after being fined by Turkey

Controversy in Turkey

Despite being a success in Turkey, Unfaithful she has been admonished for the way she represents her husband’s adventure. The Supreme Council of Radio and Television of Turkey (RTÜK) fined the production for “showing extramarital affairs as normal”.

It is not something exceptional, the government of the country usually sanctions those fictions that contain content considered bad examples for young people and children. Love is in the air He has already faced a similar case for showing the leading couple in a jacuzzi and practicing a massage. You will also not see alcohol, tattoos or LGBT characters, subjects censored in the country.

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