VIDEO. The incredible performance of Dario Costa crossing two tunnels at the controls of an airplane, at nearly 245 km / h

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An Italian pilot drove through two tunnels at the controls of a racing plane. Dario Costa flew one meter above the ground at almost 245 km / h. He traveled nearly 1,610 meters and thus entered the Guinness World Records.

It is a bit of a stunt à la Jean-Pierre Belmondio that the pilot Dario Costa has just performed. The Italian became on Saturday, September 4 the first man to have crossed two tunnels in a row at the controls … of a plane: a feat that earned him a Guinness record.

This is not a video game but a world first! ?
Dario Costa went through two tunnels with a total length of 2.46 km by plane, at an average speed of 245 km / h. ud83d udd25

— Red Bull France (@RedBullFrance) September 6, 2021

The performance took place not far from Istanbul, Turkey. The pilot and his machine – a Zivko Edge 540 racing plane – notably passed through a tunnel 1,610 meters long. Dario Costa launched himself inside a first tunnel, before keeping his plane one meter above the ground. It travels 360 meters in this way before leading to an open session of the fast lane. The difficulty: the wind, which came at an angle, and which was likely to unbalance the stuntman.

Then the pilot rushes into a second tunnel, 1160 meters long. The machine sped at a speed of 245 km / h and took nearly 43 seconds to go through the two tunnels. At the end of the track, the white light, Dario Costa is jubilant. The pilot does a 360 degree loop and exults, “I have never flown in a tunnel in my life. No one has ever done so. So I had a big question mark in my head as to whether everything would have gone as planned or if there would have been something to improvise, to repair, to improvise. So yes, it was a great relief, of course. But a great, great happiness “, he said. finally entrusted.