VIDEO. Toulouse: back to business at Bikini with Thérapie Taxi

It was the first concert of the pop-rock season and the choice of Therapy Taxi, which began its last tour there, could not have come at a better time. Because which group in France knows so well how to talk about the anxieties of youth (loss of reference points, romantic fragility, over-watered evenings…) by putting such shared energy into it? There was something to bless Adé and his friends for being at the Bikini last night to bring a hell of a lot of exuberant happiness to an audience that had been missing so much for a year and a half, when most of the tours had come to an abrupt end. . For Julie, 40 years old, and Elodie, 42 years old, used to the Bikini, it had never been a question of getting rid of the places bought “as soon as they go on sale”. Because this lawyer and this Toulouse notary knew that they “were going to be well” in the company of Therapy Taxi. Julie still looked around when she entered the room. Of course, everyone had to present their health pass (which she found “reassuring”) and she appreciated seeing that the spectators had been left “a little space” (gauge limited to 75%, i.e. 1 125 people) but she is ready to unsheathe her mask “so many people” come to surround her. Masks, supposed to be compulsory, you hardly see them on people’s faces. Everyone here wants to rediscover a joyful proximity, made of laughs, exchanged kisses, swallowed beers. To “dance again until dawn”, as the group sings in one of their hits. At the heart of a crowd largely in his twenties, Bastien, 40, admits to living a “special moment”. This Parisian consultant of Gers origin feels “happy and worried at the same time to see so many people”. “With my parents, I took no risk. Here, I try to relive a little.”

On stage, Adé swapped his hard-hitting and sexy songs for a cover of “Aline”, bossa-nova version. The public obviously takes pleasure in “shouting” the famous first name. We think of Christophe, whom we adored, of this filthy virus that took him away. At the heart of an evening where anxiety and sadness sometimes pierce under a renewed spirit of celebration.

Therapy Taxi still in concert Wednesday September 1st at the Bikini. Full.