Villeneuve-sur-Lot. “The city is full of talent”, the success of the cast The Voice

The day has been long, very long for the 93 registered for the pre-cast of The Voice and The Voice Kids. “We had 93 registrations” explains Samuel Hernandez, president of Radio Transac and organizer of the event. Everyone met from 9 am, in the stands of the sports hall of the cultural center.

Véronique, Kilian, Zoé, Aïcha…, many of them have come here. Most of the city or department. Others from Bordeaux, Toulouse or even Lille. All ages, all voices. All styles.

“We are also here to have fun”

The atmosphere is good in the great room. And if some people show some concern, others, like Farid or Laurence, are there “to have fun. We like to sing. It’s good to be able to live this experience, but we do not have too many illusions. … “. Gégé, she was registered “without knowing it of my own free will. It was my friends who gave me this gift”. Behind, her fan club is present to support her. “We did this for her birthday. She has a very beautiful voice. It’s a wink,” explains the small group, smiles on their faces.

And the auditions are linked throughout the day

Auditions begin. stress increases. Each in turn, singers enter the performance hall. “Minors can be accompanied, but those who do not sing sit at the back of the room”. Ilona gives her USB key to the jury, the music is on it. She goes up on the stage. In front of her, the jury. Guillaume Lepers (president of the jury), Stellia Koumba (candidate for The Voice 2021), Tony Feijoo (president of the Festival du rire) and Samuel Hernandez.

Each candidate has the opportunity to interpret 2 pieces, the first in a foreign language, the second in French. The scenic expression, the interpretation, the accuracy of the voice and its maturity, the emotion released, nothing escapes the ears of the 4 members of the jury. They are 93 singers at the start of the day, but only 30 will be selected to appear on Friday, October 1 in front of Bruno Berberes, the show’s casting director.

Everyone has passed. We do the accounts. “We have 33 candidates with the 4 votes of the jury” comments Samuel Hernadez. Everyone is in agreement. In the cafeteria, on the terrace and in the corridors of the cultural center, everyone is waiting. The doors open. Names are announced. Applause resonates. Compliments flow. “We have a lot of talents gathered here” comments Guillaume Lepers. “Bravo to the selected ones. See you for the others next year. And bravo to all of you. We hope to see you again on the stages of the city”.

For those selected, it is a first step, “and we know that the journey is long. We will take things as we go,” comments Laurence. “And whatever happens next, it’s a great adventure”.