What does the criticism of ‘Father there is more than one’? Santiago Segura’s comedy tonight on Antena 3

It was the best Spanish premiere of 2019 and raised more than 14 million euros. The public seems to agree with him, but what about the specialized press?

Five children, an overwhelmed mother and a husband who knows everything even if he does nothing. So it can be summed up Father there is only one, the comedy by Santiago Segura that swept the box office in 2019 and that you can enjoy tonight at 10:45 p.m. on Antena 3. If you are looking for something to see on television, write down this title. But first, some data.

What should you know about her? Well, to begin with, what was it the highest grossing Spanish film in 2019, reaching 14 million euros. It was placed above I leave it when I want, If I were rich O While the war lasts, the three titles that together with Father there is only one they exceeded 10 million in collection during that year.

It is a family comedy that focuses on Javier, a father of five who has never cared for them but has no problem telling his wife how to do things. Tired of taking care of everything, Marisa goes on a trip and lets Javier face the chaotic reality alone. It will be a unique opportunity to meet your children and change your relationship with them.

It had the favor of the public, but what about the critics? As you can imagine, Father there is only one It is a family comedy to have an entertaining time. Facing it expecting something else would be a mistake and that is what the specialized critics have taken into account, which define it as a kind and sympathetic film.

“Friendly, familiar and safe. Very safe.”, writes Luis Martínez for The world. Oti Rodríguez Marchante points the same way in his text to ABC: “Knowing that one is not going to meet the wit of Groucho, or the elegance of Hawks […] There is no reason to deprive yourself of a good time with Santiago Segura and his peculiar relatives“.” We are facing a Santiago Segura who is committed to family comedy and who seems to be quite comfortable in this new record while winking at a classic “, adds Fernando Bernal for Cinemania.

In conclusion, Father there is only one It is a Spanish comedy with many entanglements, criticism of the patriarchy -although his way of posing it makes it possible to talk about it on another topic-, everyday situations and jokes with a lot of national flavor. If these ingredients convince you, do not hesitate to see the movie tonight at 10:45 p.m. on Antenna 3.

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