What is love, what is important in life and other confessions of Kerem Bürsin in his interview in Vogue

The ‘Love is in the air’ actor has spoken with the Turkish media about his hobbies and how the camera has become a very important element.

Halfway between a member of the Backstreet Boys and a heartthrob from another era. This is how Kerem Bürsin has appeared in the report he has carried out with Vogue Turkey, where he has spoken about his personal concerns, the way he sees life and what he is for love. A personal interview that serves to get to know the actor a little better.

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Bürsin is a person with many hobbies. He likes sports -all kinds of sports-, nature, traveling … But in Vogue He has recognized that photography is one of his passions. Not only does he like to practice it, it also helps him see life in a different way. “When you take pictures, you see things that you don’t normally see. Time to put your feet on the ground and take pictures. Get out of the ‘me’ and turn to what interests you. I see the beauty and value of other things“, assures the interpreter.

Photography is his way of portraying those moments that he does not want to lose. Bürsin has confessed that every time he experiences something that makes him very happy, he tries to remember everything so that it is not hidden in his memory. “They say that when you die life passes before your eyes like a movie. If this is true, I close my eyes and I say to myself ‘this is the moment, record it and watch it in the last moments‘. I take these pictures in my brain. “

It is possible that on more than one occasion you have wanted to mentally portray a date with Hande Erçel. His partner in fiction ended up being his partner in real life and, judging by what they share on social networks, they are living very happy moments. He has not talked about her in the interview, but he has defined what love is for him.

I believe that love is acceptance. It’s very simple. There is no ego. Love is about accepting others as they are

“If we are in that point of view, love can also save us from trouble. It can change things. For example, you can say ‘What I do is hurting the world or the person I love’. If you love, you start to be constructive. Do you mind. You don’t harm the other person for your own benefit, “says Bürsin.

The actor is a person very aware of the problems that happen in the world. She usually supports causes publicly through her social networks, especially those related to gender equality or the protection of the environment. “I suppose that I am a person who cares about the problems of the world, I am against the patriarchal system, I investigate and speak about the injustices that women experience in this world. I get angry with the inequality of the world, I like to question.”

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Kerem Bürsin has triumphed internationally with Love is in the air, a Turkish soap opera that has been a success in Italy, Brazil and, of course, Spain. Now that it has come to an end, the actor will focus on other projects, such as his production company Braveborn, or his rumored signing for the first Turkish Disney + series.