When Malaika Arora told Arbaaz Khan and the reason for her divorce, ‘Someone is blamed’

When Malaika Arora told Arbaaz Khan and the reason for her divorce, ‘Someone is blamed’

Bollywood actress Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan divorced from each other a few years ago and moved on in their lives. Malaika and Arbaaz got married in 1998, and both got divorced in the year 2017.

However, it was very difficult for the actress to take this decision. Obviously, it is not easy for anyone to break a relationship that is so many years old. Why did Malaika and Arbaaz decide to separate? What was the reason that their relationship reached divorce after so many years of marriage? The actress has spoken openly about this several times.

Now recently again an old video of Malaika is going viral on social media in which actress Kareena Kapoor is seen talking openly about her divorce from Khan. This video is during Kareena Kapoor’s radio show.

In the video, Malaika is saying, ‘It was not an easy decision at all. With this decision, you have to think about your profit and loss. Finally, someone is blamed. You always raise your finger on another, this is human nature. But the kind of person I am, happiness matters more than anything to me ‘.

This is the reason why we took such a big decision in life, it was not my decision alone. Obviously, two people agreed in this decision. We thought we should end this and move on in our life, then perhaps we will be able to do better. Because both of us were together because of just one situation and were not happy at all.

And it was affecting everyone ‘. Let us know that Malaika is now dating film actor Arjun Kapoor and Arbaaz is in a relationship with Georgia Andreani. Both of them, along with their partners, now openly come in front of the public.


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