Which songs hit TikTok this summer?

(ETX Daily Up) – Summer is over on TikTok! The opportunity to take stock of the songs that were the most successful on the platform during this summer 2021. In France, the 2000s made users dance while Soso Maness and PLK dominate the ranking among French artists. Discover the top 5 of the most popular French songs and artists on the Chinese social network in France this summer.

After Spotify, it’s TikTok’s turn to take stock of the most popular songs on its platform this summer. And as on the music streaming platform, Soso Maness and PLK dominate the Top 5 in France with their hit “Petrouchka”. More than 300,000 videos have been created with this sound on the Chinese social network. Destiny’s Child followed with their 2000s hit “Bills, Bills, Bills”, used for 1.3 million videos, while Koba LaD and Gazo took third place with “Daddy chocolate”.

Rap dominated the ranking of the most popular French artist songs on TikTok with always “Petrouchka” by Soso Maness and PLK, followed this time by Koba LaD and Gazo “Daddy chocolate” and MHD in third place with “Pololo “.

Note that nostalgia also punctuated the summer on TikTok with “Love Is Wicked” released in 2007 and having achieved the highest percentage increase in creations in France. For his part, the arrival of MC Solaar launched a trend with his title “Bouge de là”, picked up by more than 62,000 TikToks.

“Our summer hits show the music begins on TikTok. Whether it’s new talent and acclaimed artists, new releases or classics from the ’90s, our community is launching global trends every day that are powering the world. songs in unexpected ways. Alongside pop stars like Ed Sheeran, it’s also interesting to see new artists like PinkPantheress break into TikTok, and supported by personalities in the music scene who have created content with his songs, “said Paul Hourican, Head of UK Music Operations, TikTok.

Top 5 in France

1. Soso Maness – Petrouchka (feat. PLK) (sorti en 2021)
2. Destiny’s Child – Bills, Bills, Bills (sorti en 1999)
3. Koba LaD & Gazo – Daddy chocolat (released in 2021)
4. Dua Lipa & Angele – Fever (sort of 2020)
5. Young Nudy – Hell Shell (sorti en 2017)

Top 5 songs by French artists

1. Soso Maness – Petrouchka (feat. PLK) (sorti en 2021)
2. Koba LaD & Gazo – Daddy chocolat (released in 2021)
3. MHD – Pololo (sorti in 2021)
4. Naps – La kiffance (released in 2021)
5. MHD – Afro Trap Part. 11 (King Kong) (sorti in 2021)

The strongest increase in% of creations in France

1. Brick & Lace – Love Is Wicked (sorti en 2007)
2. Makmakmak – Lacoste TN (released in 2020)
3. OBOY – With You (released in 2019)
4. Donell Lewis – Missing My Love (sorti en 2012)
5. Nej – Couple (released in 2021)

* All data is calculated based on the number of video creations in France between June 21 and August 10, 2021.