Who are Tokio, The Professor, Berlin … We summarize the story of each character in ‘La Casa de Papel’

The first part of season 5 of the Netflix series arrives on the streaming platform on September 3.

The paper house is already one of the great Netflix series. Both in Spain and outside our borders, millions of viewers are waiting to see how the coups that El Professor has prepared with great attention will end. Although the first two seasons chronicled what was considered the biggest heist of the century, the third installment surprised us with an even bigger assault: the Bank of Spain and its gold reserves.

Thanks to the new batch of episodes, little by little we have gotten to know better the protagonists who already hooked us in the previous chapters. In order not to get lost among so much information, here we have compiled the stories of each of the main characters before they were known as some of the most wanted criminals in the world.


The teacher

Real name: Sergio Marquina

Actor: Álvaro Morte

His organized and calculating character has a lot to do with the fact that he spent much of his childhood prostrate in a hospital bed in San Sebastián. Since he couldn’t do much, he spent the day reading robbery stories and, most of all, listening to his father’s experiences. He thought that he was making up what he told or that they were movies, until one day he died during the robbery of the Hispano-American Bank. After the death of his father, Sergio becomes obsessed with the plans he had planned before he died and struggles to carry out the assault on the National Mint and Stamp Factory.

Together with his stepbrother, Andrés de Fonollosa – who participates in the coup under the name Berlin – plans every detail of the biggest robbery of the century.



Real name: Andrés de Fonollosa

Actor: Pedro Alonso

The Professor’s stepbrother is a lonely man and tends to be very passionate in his relationships with women. In fact, it is something his brother throws at him when they are preparing their first big shot. Before robbing the National Mint and Stamp Factory, Andrés learns that he has inherited the degenerative disease from which his mother died. He has no hope of getting better, so he doesn’t have much to lose in the heist, either.

He has a long career in the world of white collar robberies and, by himself, he has participated in 27 hits. The most notable is the one he made in the Champs Elysees, in which he took 434 diamonds.



Real name: Aníbal Cortés

Actor: Miguel Herrán

Aníbal is a child prodigy expert in computers. He has been tinkering with computers since he was 6 years old, so he has great skills in this field, especially with alarms. At 20 years old, he is a key member of the great heist of the century.



Royal name: Silene Oliveira

Actress: Úrsula Corberó

The daughter of a single mother, she spent her days alone while her mother took several shifts in order to pay all the bills. Without a doubt, this childhood marked her character and made her an independent and strong woman.

Just before the big robbery, she and her criminal group decide to rob a Prosegur van, but the coup ends badly and everyone dies – her boyfriend among them. She is the only one who survives and must flee alone from the police. A few days later, she calls her mother for help. What he does not know is that the police are listening to the conversation and they know the exact day and place where they will meet. That’s when The Professor appears and saves her from going to prison.



Real name: Ágata Jiménez

Actress: Alba Flores

Ágata has been counterfeiting bills since she was 13 years old, so she is the ideal person to monitor the quality of the money they make in the robbery.

She became pregnant at a very young age and had to raise her child at her mother’s home. However, it was not the best environment and he left there when the little one was 3 years old. He tried to get him on, but social services ended up taking custody of him and the boy went to live with several foster families. The criminal ended up in prison and did not speak to her son again, although she knows that he is well and has adoptive parents who take care of his well-being. As you can see in the series, this is his biggest weakness.



Real name: Daniel Ramos

Actor: Jaime Lorente

Daniel’s father, Agustín – who also participates in the robbery under the nickname Moscow – confesses to his son that, contrary to what he thought, he abandoned his mother when she wanted to go buy drugs, so he raised him only. She has always tried to lead her son on the right track, but could not set a good example. He was a miner in Asturias and, after being forced to leave it, he had to start stealing to support his family.

As you can see at first glance, Daniel has always been a bit of a badass. He has been through various colleges and ultimately has had a life full of fights and drugs.



Real name: Yashin Dasáyev

Actor: Darko Peric

Yashin’s life has not been very easy. He comes from Serbia and considering his age, it is very likely that he lived through the period of tension between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo, a time that was fraught with violence. He still has a family and, far from forgetting it, Yashin sends money to his loved ones whenever he can. He participated in the robbery with his cousin Oslo, who died in the process.



Real name: Raquel Murillo

Actress: Itziar Ituño

Raquel is one of the new additions to the band after falling in love with the Professor during the robbery at the National Currency and Stamp Factory. She has some difficulties in balancing her professional and personal life, since she is the mother of a girl named Paula, the result of her marriage -already broken- with Alberto Vicuña. In this relationship, Raquel was a victim of mistreatment, but she did not report it. She decides to notify the police when her ex-husband starts dating her sister in order to protect her and prevent the same from happening to him.

Alberto uses their daughter to manipulate his ex-partner and threaten her with custody. The inspector also has to deal with her mother’s memory problems, which demand full attention from her family.

At the same time, he had a brief relationship with his partner Ángel Rubio, but it did not go further, although he continues to feel something for her.



Real name: Mónica Gaztambide

Actress: Esther Acebo

Monica joins the gang after falling in love with Denver while she is one of the hostages of the big hit. What we know about her is that she worked as Arturo Román’s secretary and ended up becoming his lover. At the beginning of the robbery, Mónica tells Arturo that she is pregnant by him, but he reacts by assuring that he is not his father.

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Real name: Martín Berrote

Actor: Rodrigo de la Serna

Palermo is the new intriguing of the Band and leader of the robbery to the Bank of Spain. He was one of the two members who originated this plan, along with Berlin; Before his death, with whom he kept a close friendship and with whom he was deeply in love. But it is not only with him that he has a common past, since, thanks to the ‘flashbacks‘From the third and fourth seasons, we could see that Sergio had a long history with Martín.



Real name: has not been disclosed.

Actor: Hovik Keuchkerian

Bogotá is one of the new members of the Band that joins Part 3 and 4, but already was part of the life of the Professor, Berlin, Martin and Marseille for many more years. With the details of this character kept under lock and key, the only thing we know about him is that he has seven children, all scattered around the world, and he is the best welder in the world, as the Professor’s brother calls him from the minute in the who begin to plan the robbery of the Bank of Spain.



Real name: has not been disclosed.

Actor: Luka peros

Like Bogotá, Marseille was one of Berlin’s friends, since together with him, fwas one of the guests at your wedding. This character has one of the darkest and loneliest pasts, the result of the war in his country of origin; whose only company he had when the conflict happened was his dog, who was unjustly killed for considering her a threat. Marseille is one of the quietest and most reserved members of the band, but one that has become in the best ally of the Professor in the temporary limb.



Real Name: Julia

Actress: Belén Cuesta

Manila has been the newest and best-kept member of all The Money HeistSince from the beginning she appeared as one more hostage, however, it was evident that she was hiding something. He was one of them. Her relationship with the band dates back to the beginning of the series, as she was the Goddaughter of Moscow and best childhood friend of Denver, who were in charge of making the presentations with the Professor; so that I could be part of the Band. Her name is now Julia, but before her sex change she was better known as Juanito.