Why is Kanye West’s album controversial?

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Released this Sunday, Kanye West’s new album sparked controversy. The editorial staff of La Dépêche explains why.

On Sunday August 29, the American rapper officially released his new album: “Donda”. But among the participants, we find the gothic rocker Marilyn Manson, accused of rape, and the rapper DaBaby, author of homophobic and sexist remarks. Chris Brown, convicted in 2009 of assault and battery against singer Rihanna, also appears as a songwriter on the track New Again.

In this tenth studio album, which bears the name of his mother who died in 2007, Kanye West once again addresses religious themes. He also makes several references to his high-profile split with Kim Kardashian.

His album has evolved profoundly in recent weeks during major public listening sessions held in Atlanta, Las Vegas and Chicago. The 44-year-old artist may well continue to edit it after its streaming release, as he did for his album “The Life of Pablo” released in 2016.