Why is Saif Ali Khan happy to be Ravana in Adipurush? Will Kareena Kapoor become Sita?

Why is Saif Ali Khan happy to be Ravana in Adipurush? Will Kareena Kapoor become Sita?

After playing the role of Udaybhan in Langham Tyagi, Tanhaji in Omkara, Saif Ali Khan is going to do something big. That which they did not even think and for which they have to prepare themselves not only physically but mentally more. We are talking about his upcoming project Adipurush, in which he is going to play the role of Lankapati Ravana. There are a lot of challenges in this character but still, he is quite happy about it. Recently, in an interview, he has spoken very openly on this same chasing role.

Saif Ali Khan is happy to be Ravan

Saif Ali Khan has played very bold roles in his career. Those who would have thought twice before doing A-grade actors. But Saif listened to his heart and did what he liked. This is the reason that his characters dwell both in the hearts and minds of the people. Now he is also very happy about the role of Ravana who is going to play in Adipurush. Even though there is both challenge and risk in this role, but Saif is happy. Especially because now they will get 10 but not 10 heads.

Strong is a character, it will be fun to play

In the interview, Saif admitted that playing this character is not easy because Ravana was not only bad but is a character who was quite knowledgeable. So it will be quite tough to bring the same screen but Saif is busy with his life. All the characters in the film are also shown to be larger than the original height. For which technical tricks have been taken.

Will Kareena Kapoor become Sita?

You must be thinking that Kriti Sanon’s name has been finalized for Sita in Adipurush, how Kareena will become Sita in such a situation. Actually, Ram is going to make another film on the saga with the title Sita and it is reported that Kareena Kapoor may get the role of Sita in it. According to media reports, the names of Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor have been finalized for the role of Sita. Now Ravana has become Saif but it will be interesting to see if his wife Sita will be made or will this bet Alia Bhatt be killed.



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