Why Jean-Pierre Mader had to be separated from his audience by gendarmes

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Toulouse singer Jean-Pierre Mader was in concert in Arleux in the North on Sunday September 5. A cordon of gendarmes had to intervene between the artist and the public come to see him.

“Macumba,” Disparue “,” One foot in front of the other “… Since his success in 1984, Jean-Pierre Mader has given hundreds of concerts. Not sure that he has already sung in front of the gendarmes aligned with their backs to the stage The singer from Toulouse experienced this situation on Sunday afternoon near Douai in the North.

Jean-Pierre Mader was the headliner with Coralie – from the former L5 group – of the garlic fair in the city of Arleux. Saturday, an accident occurred on a merry-go-round. A pod broke off causing four minor injuries.

The commander of the northern gendarmerie group then ordered the immediate interruption of the ducasse – the name given to the funfair in the North – “to ease tensions and maintain public order”.

A decision very badly perceived by the showmen who denounced “an arbitrary discrimination”. Despite discussions with the town hall, the sub-prefect has not changed his mind. The fairgrounds threatened to block access to the fair and disrupt the show. About twenty gendarmes were deployed on the site to ensure its security.

The concert of Jean-Pierre Mader was maintained but the gendarmes positioned themselves in front of the stage between the singer and his audience. Our colleagues from The voice of the North specify that the concert was able to take place “in a relatively good atmosphere”.