Why the creators of ‘Lucifer’ didn’t want a happy ending

Season 6 that Netflix premiered last weekend and that is already in the Top 1 of the platform has put the finishing touch to the Lucifer Morningstar story.

Lucifer It has already come to an end and, although it has been the second time in his career, this time is the final one. With season 6 commissioned by surprise a little over a year ago, the creators of the series starring Tom Ellis have had the opportunity to to give their story the ending they have always wanted and, in fact, even a little better.

How you remember, Lucifer was unexpectedly canceled by its original network, FOX, after the third season broadcast, but the reaction from its millions of followers was so incredible that Netflix decided to give it a shot and make it one of their original series. Both the result and the reception of the expected fourth installment were excellent, so the streaming platform quickly renewed it for a fifth season that was destined to be the last. Of course, it would be made up of 16 episodes and would be broadcast in two batches. Finally, the news would come of the sixth and last installment and, this time, the definitive end of the series.

The 10 episodes that made up the season 6 of Lucifer They were made available to Netflix subscribers last Friday, September 10 and quickly, as expected, the series was placed among the first positions of the most popular carousel on the platform. Not surprisingly, with season five released late last May still very much in the pipeline, everyone wanted to know how Lucifer Morningstar was doing (Tom Ellis) in his new job as God.

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However, although creators Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich had found in season six the golden opportunity to create the ending they had always wanted without leaving absolutely nothing in the pipeline due to lack of time, the outcome of Lucifer It was raised bittersweet. In it, despite all the efforts that had cost him otherwise in season four, the protagonist made an important decision: to move from his role as God and dedicate his existence to helping lost souls trapped in hell to work on his fault and being able to get to Heaven. Chloe (Lauren German), however, would remain on Earth and it would only be after her death as a mortal that the two lovers would be reunited for all eternity.

In statements to TVGuide, Modrovich and Henderson have shed light on the reasons and that led them to opt for this outcome, ensuring that they were not looking for a happy ending.

“The difference between Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker and another couple is that we could play with immortality. So we knew they would be together forever no matter what “, they explain.

Somehow we like to be in the bittersweet and in the gray areas. A resounding happy ending just didn’t seem right, but it didn’t seem tragic either.

Thus, they reached the middle ground that they have finally brought to the audience: “So the end was our sweet spot, because we made them sacrifice something, but ultimately they end up together. “

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Season 6 of Lucifer is now available in full on Netflix.