Will big banners and star cast movies be released in theaters in the coming times… All short films will go on OTT

Will big banners and star cast movies be released in theaters in the coming times… All short films will go on OTT

Corona’s growing cases across the country have postponed the release date of films being released in theaters in April. After this, it has started that whether the release of films like the bygone year is going to start on OTT. According to industry experts, small films will have to turn towards OTT and in the current era, equations have become such that only big banners and star cast movies will be released in theaters in the coming times and small films will be directly on OTT. Will be released. Urmila Corey reports …

Theaters will decorate only with big banners and star cast films

Actor Salman Khan said that due to the crisis of increasing lockdown, if his film Radhe Your Most Wanted brother is not released this Eid, then he will release it on Eid next year. He will stop the release of his film for a year but the film will not be released on OTT. Significantly, Akshay Kumar’s film Suryavanshi has already made a record in this matter. The film was scheduled to be released last March but the Corona crisis has postponed the film.

Trade analyst Komal Nahata says that big films are for theater only, if they too turn to OTT then the business of theater will end. Movies and theater are important to each other. Everyone knows that Suryavanshi, Radhe are such films that viewers will come to the theater to watch. Also, the cost of big films is also very high. Which are difficult to give to OTT.

Making of films will now be in view of OTT and theaters

There was a time when small-budget content was highly appreciated by the multiplex audience by calling it short films as big bangs. Many popular faces from Ayushman Khurana, Karthik Aryan are the product of these films, but now it seems that for a few years, short films are going to be away from the theater. If the experts associated with the industry are to be believed, then they have also started working on it in the industry.

Anand Pandit, the producer of films like Sarkar 3, Total Dhamaal, says that he has three to four films but he does not want to hurry shooting those films right now. They will see the situation after the theater starts, only then will those films go to the shooting floor because now the films will have to be made in advance that the film will go to the theater and the film will be for OTT only.

Along with talking about the future, Anand Pandit says about the present time that small films will once again turn to OTT for release because there is direct on-table profit. If the film is made in 8 crores, then you will get 10 crores whereas P&A costs a lot for the release of a film in the theater. Everyone will have to spend everything from taking the screen for promotion to promotion and you don’t even know if the audience will come to see the film or not.

Actress Meera Chopra says that I love watching movies in the theater, but for the last year, we all have got used to watching movies sitting at home. Corona is not going to leave all of us early in life. Everyone knows this, so as before, we will not be able to go to the film every week for free. We will entertain ourselves through OTT.

I think this is going to be two to three years to come. We will go to the theater on some special occasion. When Diwali, Eid, or other big festivals, big banners and star cast movie will come in the theater.


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