Will Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin work together again after ‘Love is in the air’?

The leading couple of the Turkish soap opera have closed a very important stage in their lives. It is the series where they met and the one that led them to international fame.

Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin met at the beginning of 2020, in full confinement due to the pandemic. They had signed for a series called You steal my door and they had to prepare their characters and work on the chemistry so necessary for a romantic comedy. They had to zoom in without seeing each other physically. A year and a half later, they are very different people, since the last few months have meant a radical change in their personal and professional lives. Would they re-live the experience?

In a direct from Instagram, Erçel and Bürsin have assured that it has been a wonderful stage. “It has been a pleasant experience Love is in the air. Very beautiful. Really, very nice. Hande and I talked about it today. “, said the actor with his partner. They both keep a beautiful memory of the recording and when asked if they would work together again, there is no doubt: yes.

Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin tell about their last day of filming for ‘Love is in the air’ and they get emotional

Hande Erçel has replied that he would work with Bürsin again. The actor has asked her if she is sure of it and she has told him, intrigued: “Why are you asking specifically?” “I don’t know, I guess you’re bored with me.”says the interpreter. “No, you were always a very sweet partner. A supportive and motivating partner, I would always want to [volver a trabajar contigo]”.

If they want, the chances of us seeing them together on the screen increase. Surely more than one production company is willing to join them in a new project and fans are counting the hours to see Eda and Serkan -or their substitutes- again. So it’s just a matter of the actors finding the perfect opportunity to re-share scenes.

At the beginning of May, a rumor broke out that they were going to star in a movie together. Apparently, both had signed for a film project that would begin to develop after the end of the Turkish soap opera. Now that the filming of the series has finished and there has been no news about it, it seems that it was only rumors.

Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin, together in a movie?

Be protagonists of Love is in the air It has been a leap to international fame. They are real stars in countries like Italy, Brazil or Spain and this has opened the doors to new jobs. For example, Miguel Ángel Silvestre offered Hande Erçel to do something together after she recognized that he was one of her favorite Spanish actors. The comment may remain a joke, but it is a sample of the repercussion that both interpreters have in our country -and in many others-.

Season 2 of Love is in the air it will finish in about a month in its emissions in Turkey. To see the final in Spain we will have to wait two more months, in the month of November.

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