With “Tighten me hard”, Mathieu Amalric back behind the camera

(AFP) – With “Serre-moi fort” on the screens Wednesday, Mathieu Amalric, in director mode for the eighth time, brings to the screen a play by Claudine Galéa, “Je reviens de loin”, a poignant story of a resilience.

Presented in the official selection out of competition at the last Cannes Film Festival, the film is carried by the performance of the Luxembourgish actress Vicky Krieps who also defended on the Croisette “Bergman Island” by the director Mia Hansen-Love.

“Hold me tight” tells the story of Clarisse, a woman in her forties who is leaving for a new life, abandoning her husband and their two children overnight, without a word of explanation. and without giving any news afterwards. In total incomprehension, her family try to cope by learning to live without her. But from the first third of the film, the viewer finds himself plunged between fiction and reality.

“I made sure that the spectator finds himself in the same situation as Clarisse, but little by little, the spectator thinks that there is a wolf, even if he wants to believe at the beginning of the story”, tells AFP Mathieu Amalric.

“I cried like a baby after reading this play which has never been put on the theater before. This melodrama literally caught me. You wonder what happened to this woman and you end up going into her secret “, he adds.

“I wanted to show the state of delirium in which we are all, in moments as painful as a separation in love or a bereavement. Two situations very similar in the feelings. We invent strategies, filters or tactics to manage to put one foot in front of the other. We often go through madness precisely so as not to go mad because we must continue to live … “, underlines the director.

“I need to make films. I need to invent, to write, to look at the world and to find what you are going through in these difficult times, things that you can deal with on a tragic or comic register “, confides Mathieu Amalric who does the actor only for” irresistible roles “. On October 6, he will be playing a street singer touched by grace in “Tralala”, the last film by the Larrieu brothers.