‘With whom are you traveling’: The journey in a Bla Bla Car that transforms into a ‘thriller’ at the wheel

The film stars Salva Reina, Ana Polvorosa, Andrea Duro and Pol Monen. Premiere today Friday, September 10, in theaters!

Who are you traveling with arrives today, Friday, September 10, in theaters after it made its official presentation in June. Malaga Film Festival, where we could chat with its protagonists and its director. The feature film is the first film by the filmmaker Martín Cuervo and tells the story of four people who travel from Madrid to Albacete in Bla Bla Car, played by Salva Reina, Ana Polvorosa, Pol Monen y Andrea Duro.

Jumping between the genre of comedy and the ‘thriller’, or better as Martín Cuervo would say a ‘thriledia’, as he defines his work. Directed and written by himself, the film follows four strangers who are preparing to carry out a daily routine Bla Bla Car ride to Albacete. Each and every one of them is used to making this type of trip, however, this time this journey will have a new ingredient, that of false identities. Each of them hides a secret and some intentions.

“It’s a very actor’s story. Deep down, it’s like a choreography to maintain the tension of the story. It was important that we all help each other. It was a very short shoot. Lasted less than two weeks. It was quite a challenge, “says Pol Monen, whose character does not get out of the car at almost any time, something that each and every one of its protagonists pointed out as the great challenge, maintaining energy in each sequence after long hours of filming in the same position and location.

“We shot chronologically and we had to get to the shoot with the tension of the day before because we resumed in the same sequence. There are no time transitions,” says the director. “It was very complete. When you’ve been in for two hours it’s great, but when you have been six hours, your energy begins to decrease and it was very difficult to keep the energy up“adds Ana Polvorosa.

The camera was recording them at all times. There was no escape angle or scene in which to relax. To keep the public’s tension and interest in the story, Cuervo had everything structured in such a way that Every ten minutes, at most, something important had to happen so as not to lose the viewer’s attention.

I am very freaky. I make maps of everything that happens minute by minute in the film. ‘Here it falls. Here I think this happens. There has to be something to lift the plot this minute. ‘ I hang the annotations on the wall of my house and when people see it they think I’m blown away

Despite having the handicap of having to stay in the same place throughout the filming, the story itself was one of the incentives for the cast to be part of this project. “It seemed like a super fresh, bearable and natural script to me. It’s a really cool story to tell and it’s weird that it’s never been told before. I was struck by the fact that the entire shoot was shot in a car. Technically I had never done it and I really wanted to“, says Polvorosa, who is recently going to premiere the series on Movistar + The Fortune, Alejandro Amenábar’s small screen debut.

But it wasn’t all long hours of tedious filming. During the recording the laughter and funny moments were in each of the days. Polvorosa, who is in the passenger seat next to Reina, who is the one who drives at all times, admits that she cannot stop laughing at her side. “I couldn’t stop,” says the director. “It is impossible not to laugh when you have Salva playing this role“acknowledges the actress.