“Yeh Jadoo Hai Gin Ka” actor Vikram Singh Chauhan married Sneha Shukla

“Yeh Jadoo Hai Gin Ka” actor Vikram Singh Chauhan married Sneha Shukla

The main artist of TV’s Mansoor show “Yeh Jadoo Hai Jin Ka” (Yeah Jadu Hai Jinn Ka) is married by Vikram Singh Chauhan. Yes, the actor is married to his long-time girlfriend Sneha Shukla. The actor has shared this news on his social media shortly before now. His fans are very excited about this beautiful news about the actor.

The actor recently told a media portal that, I thought that I will not tell this news to anyone for 10 days after marriage, but I am sitting vacant in the house, so I thought that we should share this news only. Give. ” At the same time, the actor further said that “We were going to get married only last year but then it came to Corona, due to which we had extended the date of marriage.” We thought that we will get married on 27 April. But then we did not control and we got married. ”

Talking about his marriage, the actor said that “We had to get married last year, but the outbreak of Corona had increased a lot. After which we shortened our guest list and just invited the family of both the houses to the wedding. At the same time during this marriage, we did not get tired even a little bit. We got everyone’s corona test done before marriage. Even the photographer and the pundit who came to the wedding were tested. After which we got married.

Let me tell you while talking about his first meeting with Sneha, the actor said that Sneha used to be my boss. But we did not fall in love at first sight. She used to support me a lot. He helped me a lot in fulfilling my dream. After marriage, the couple is very happy, where now actress Pooja Banerjee, Amar Upadhyay, Namik Paul, Donal Bisht, Asha Negi, Smita Bansal, and many others are congratulating the newly married couple for their wedding.


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