“Young and Golri”, a concentrate of the young comic guard in series

(AFP) – How to become a stepmother of a girl who is a bit too serious when at 25, you are yourself immature: this is the challenge posed to Prune, a comedian in love with a forty-something, in “Jeune et Golri “, a funny and spirited series carried by new comedic talents.

The comedian Agnès Hurstel, at the origin of the series, and her team conquered the Lille public of the Séries Mania festival where the first four episodes were presented in preview (the series has eight, of 26 minutes).

In competition in the French selection, the series will be broadcast from September 2 on OCS.

Generic with a pop and seventies aesthetic, a story interspersed with drawn inlays and swirling music composed by Pierre Leroux (from Couverture de Racket), “Jeune et Golri” (funny) takes the viewer into the whimsical universe of Prune, the heroine played by Agnès Hurstel.

In need of inspiration, the young woman, who is trying to make a name for herself in the stand-up world, sees this dynamic change when love at first sight occurs with Francis (Jonathan Lambert), inhibited but sexy financial director of 47 years old … who quickly bombards her stepmother of Alma, 6 years old, a bit plague and very serious for her age.

– Stand-up in the background –
Both a romantic comedy and a “buddy movie” between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, the idea was to “have a nice story despite the age difference, the obstacles and this little girl”, with “the stand-up universe as a backdrop”, explains co-screenwriter Léa Domenach.

Its representatives are camped by the actress and humorist Marie Papillon, who plays Adé, Prune’s best friend and barmaid at the bistro where she performs, and the stand-uppers Paul Mirabel and Nordine Ganso, two young talents who play their own role. .

Agnès Hurstel called on the director – and actress – Fanny Sidney (the young Camille from “Ten percent”). The two women had worked together on Arte’s web series, “Loulou”.

The choice of R. Jonathan Lambert to play Francis was imposed on the thirties during the casting. “He could not turn on Zoom, he called out a child to help him, when he got up we saw that he was wearing a bathing suit” under his shirt, jokes Agnès Hurstel.

– Comic autofiction –
This role “allowed me to feel like a man”, explains the actor. Besides “the sitcom, there was this charm: I could suddenly want, even be desirable, so it was not unpleasant.”

“Many men (on the set) have projected themselves into the character of Francis”, also a daddy hen, anguished and involved, reports to AFP Fanny Sidney.

For the director, who also presents another series (“Mobile Brigade”) at the Lille festival, the interest also resided in Prune’s relationship “to ambivalence, with desires which sometimes contradict her commitments”.

Contradictions already addressed on stage by Agnès Hurstel in the form of a reflection without taboos – “during the day, I hate that a man gives me orders, but at night, I am ambivalent” – which she continues in the series .

“I like to be in the + true lie +, when you never say where the line is between the true and the false”, adds the actress, connected to 10,000 volts.

“The common point between Prune and me is autofiction,” Agnès Hurstel told AFP, revealed to the general public by raw shows (“Agnès Bande”, “Dans ma bouche”) and her tickets mood in the Nagui show on France Inter.

Hoping for a season 2 of “Young and Golri”, the actress is currently writing the adaptation of “The Spanish Inn” by Cédric Klapisch for Amazon prime video and can be seen in 2022 in no less than three films, including that of Michel Hazanavicius “Z (like Z)”.