Zombie Reddy Movie Download by websites Moviesda ,Tamilyogi

Zombie Reddy Movie Download by websites Moviesda, Tamilyogi

A ‘Zombie’ story tells us about a scientist who thinks he has an amazing invention that is sure to protect humanity from illnesses but is actually unable to do so since experiments on humans need to be done before any vaccine can be created.

This vaccine is twisted in such a way that they turn into zombies. The entire village population in Kurnool in Rayalaseema will be affected by the zombies from the vaccine.

The fate of these ‘zombies’ and individuals that it turned was determined to be inviolable. In such circumstances, video game designer Mario (Teja Sajja) and his team attempted to turn them back into human beings. Is there any reason why you went to Mario Kurnool in the first place? The rest of the story revolves around the factionalism at the Kurnool.

The director kicked off the story of the film ‘Zombie Reddy’ with a sequence where Prime Minister Modi announces a lockdown order. The film opened with a zombie story. I first imagined it as a blood feud with swords and bombs. Then they touched up the original story in the middle, making it much more interesting.

It was important to the director that the corona vaccine link to the arrival of zombies is conclusive. The Interval bang is the highlight of the movie. With the arrival of the zombies, the story plays out to be one of slogging, with the bombshells making jokes and showing up terribly.

As Teja Sajja as the hero, he made a dazzling debut in his first film. The hero of the story is the perfect choice for this story. He provides humor as well as the ability to illustrate heroism. Contains mature acting with emotional, dramatic, and chasing scenes.

This film is mostly about the heroine, Anandi, in a mature, intriguing manner. Since we don’t get songs or romance in this film ..it is an honor to try out a character that can be performed well. It feels quite unexpected to see her character presented this way.

Daksha Nagarkar is also another actress whose role has good scope. Heroines have a greater role in songs. But in these movies, these two heroines are given priority in the fight and action sequences.

RJ Hemant, who played the role of Kalyan’s friend in the role of Kalyan, got the best film of his career. The story revolves around his character. Funny scenes with wedding, charm, zombie bride exploded well. Bigg Boss Fame crowned with a good character.

Thirty-Year Industry laughed at Prithvi as a Rayalaseema factionist who lost both hands. Harshavardhan and Sana are well set as hero parents. Cultivated comedy. Bigg Boss Green appeared in a different character.

And when it comes to the climax .. does not seem so convincing. Feels like the routine has come to an end. There is no logic in concluding that only God has the power to end zombies in the end.

It also has key scenes as well as boring scenes. The scene where the hero chases the zombies along with the heroines. It feels boring to be around for about 20 minutes.

Technically the film’s visualization is perfect for the plot. Cinematographer scared of zombies. The camera, the art department continue to appear on the difficult screen. Background music is the lifeblood of the Zombie genre movie.

Robert’s background music is a plus for the movie. Robert frightened R.R. with the appearance of a horror flavor. ‘Go Corona. The song is also good.

Overall, ‘Zombie Reddy’ is a new experience for the Telugu audience. It may seem but .. Tollywood ‘zombies’ are a good time pass for the common audience. Children also enjoy it very much. Director Prashant Verma is to be commended for his new endeavor.


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